Information Architecture v2 for Trustpilot Business | Notion

Improving findability and usability for new and existing users of Trustpilot’s Business app.

By Jonas Maaløe

My role: UX designer and assisting researcher in a discovery team of one Sr. UX Manager, a Sr. UX Researcher, two Product Designers and a Sr. Product Manager. The project ran 5 months from discovery to delivery during Jan–May 2019



I joined the discovery team for Trustpilot’s biggest platform redesign since its launch in 2007 in my second week at the job. The goal: To turn its Business platform’s ad-hoc & “oops-we-shipped-our-org-chart” IA and navigation into wayfinding for key actions and self-service onboarding. All while avoiding a complete, structural redesign of the app’s chrome. No biggie…

The problem

A series of user interviews in 2017, conducted by a previous UX designer on the team, had shown that long-term users were not performing better than new customers in completing key tasks such as setting up a Trustbox or automating invitations:


Users weren't discovering, much less using, key Trustpilot Business features buried in the hard-to-understand IA of the app. This required the Customer Success team to maintain ongoing (manual) re-onboarding. This left users who hadn't gone through onboarding feeling abandoned.