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You, I like you… So if you insist, here’s stuff I’ve made that don’t fit as neatly into the boxes on my main page. Think of it as an ongoing log of miscellaneous.

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Danish Tax-A-Tron EZ-Estimator 4000

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CleanShot—2023-06-14—17.52 2.png

When I got my current gig at I moved from Berlin, DE to Copenhagen, DK. I also got serious about paying into a pension plan. So my taxes are a mess, and I felt like I was using a box of crayons on a blank piece of paper when I had to estimate them from scratch for 2023.

This faint brush with All Inventions’ mom got me thinking:

Tax laws are closed systems“, a younger, idiot-version of me at some point thought. “To build a model that accounts for 80% of the important stuff—how hard could that be?” the absolute idiot summized to himself and his future self’s dismay. How hard?

Dear reader: Pretty hard